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The Vulcan Technology

How does electronic scale protection work?

vulcan technology

Vulcan’s physical water treatment system is completely salt-free and chemical-free. Rather than changing the chemical mixture of your water, Vulcan changes the physical characteristics of scale crystals so that they lose their adhesive qualities. Vulcan doesn’t need to directly touch your water and sits on the outside of the pipe.

Vulcan contains a computerized micro-chip which controls the electronic unit and generates electronic impulses. The electronic signal frequencies are transmitted via the impulse bands wrapped around the pipe. The two bands interact to create a field which alters calcium crystals in the water.

before and after using Vulcan
A piping system before and after
using Vulcan

vulcan effect before and after
A cooling tower grid before and
after using Vulcan
vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

Scale causes big problems

Scale deposits inside of pipes, on heating elements or on
expensive machinery create many problems:
  • It blocks piping systems
  • It dulls the surfaces
  • It causes mechanical malfunctions
  • It raises your heating costs
  • Scale problems require expensive cleaning
  • Rust accumulation corrodes your pipes
The longer you wait to take action against scale problems,
the more damages and costly repairs will arise. Soon you will
have replace the whole piping system and buy new equipment.

scale problems

scale problem
vulcan descaler
vulcan descaler

How can Vulcan fix these problems?

1. Vulcan prevents scale build-up in pipes and appliances

Without Vulcan water treatment, sticky scale particles build solid deposits in your water. Our patented Vulcan impulse technology alters the form of calcium crystals and magnesium using the physical process of electrophoresis. Crystals in your water become rod-shaped and smooth so that they can no longer attach to each other. The scale becomes a fine powder and washes away. New deposits are prevented from forming. As more rod-shaped crystals are created, the positive effect of scale-prevention becomes more effective.

Vulcan Technology against scale
Vulcan water treatment creates mono-crystals.
When the impulse treatment creates mono-crystals, they need to develop as long as possible in order to become more effective as they start their way through the piping system. The larger the crystals, the longer it takes until they fall apart again. These crystals grow fastest in warm water. Therefore, they last longer. That’s why the Vulcan effect lasts shorter in cold water (approx. two days), and longest in warm water (up to seven days).
Vulcan Technology
vulcan descaler    

2. Vulcan gently sanitizes the piping system

Two processes take place at the same time when hard water isn’t treated:
a. Calcium crystals adhere to each other and case scale deposits develop inside your pipes. These deposits produce carbonic acid (H2CO3).
b. Simultaneously, carbonic acid breaks down existing scale deposits. This is called the “natural resolving process.” Since the build build-up process occurs much faster than the natural resolving process, the diameter of pipes constantly decreases.

Vulcan Processes

Vulcan’s water treatment reverses the speed of the scaling process and natural resolving process. Mono-crystals are no longer able to form deposits, and as a result scale builds up much slower. Meanwhile, the scale resolving process occurs much faster than the build-up process, and existing deposits are more effectively removed. In other words, it removes scale faster than it forms. The carbonic acid surplus dissolves the scale. Gradually and gently, scale deposits are removed from the pipe.

Vulcan Technology
Dissolved scale also reduces rust
Iron particles begin to imbed in scale deposits as soon as they begin to build up. Therefore, scale and rust blend together and form red deposits inside of your pipes. When the Vulcan treatment dissolves scale, rust is removed along with it. The process of clearing out scale deposits is gentle: scale dissolves into the water and washes away. Since these are natural minerals, water remains safe to drink.
Vulcan against rust
Reducing scale deposits means that bacteria are reduced as well.
Scale is a breeding ground for bacteria and similarly unwanted substances. As soon as Vulcan is installed and scale is washed away, bacteria no longer has a place to breed. This way, bacterial contamination is greatly reduced or completely eliminated.
  Vulcan against bacteria
vulcan descaler    

3. Vulcan prevents rust damage and perforation

Iron and copper oxidation occurs in all metal pipes that come into contact with hard water. These oxides have a serious negative effect on pipe surfaces and can even cause corrosion.

Vulcan impulse technology generates an electrophoresis effect and produces a protected metal-carbonate covering on the pipe. Depending upon the pipe’s material, it can consist of copper-carbonate, iron-carbonate or zinc-carbonate which settles over all shiny metal surfaces. This layer protects your pipes from aggressive substances that can cause corrosion.
Vulcan Protective Layer

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